Wednesday, 29 May 2013

June Holiday Homework for ALL Subjects


Here is the homework for all the subjects:

Book Review
Please check the English Google Site for the comprehension on Blood Money.
We are supposed to submit both home-works to Miss Foo by Term 3. Take note please.

1. Remediation Worksheet (for those that got 55% & below for the Common Test)
Complete it and hand it in to Ms Jean on the first Maths Lesson in Term 3.
2. Go through the hand-outs given on Percentages and attempt the exercises given before school reopens in Term 3.

Visit the following websites for help:

Integrated Humanities:
1. Humanities Video Performance Task, Due Term 3 Week 4
2. Holiday Fun: Visit this link for more information. 

The homework is-
  1. Furniture Design Journal
  2. Sketchup Mascot (If you have not done so)
  3. Google Presentation on Furniture Design (If you have not done so)
Complete Performance Task

Please take note of all the homework. All the homework has also been posted in the respective subject blogs, please do check if you wish to.

Best Regards,
Rikesh Tiwari 

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